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It takes about two to four days from the time of purchase. However, sometimes it might take longer depending on holidays or if the order was placed around the time of a WBFF Show.

All orders are sent back via email. There are a few reasons why you have not received your order:

  1. The email ended up in your junk mail folder. Please check in your junk mail folder to see if your order was sent there.
  2. The wrong email address was entered with the order. If you have not received an order confirmation email right after you have placed an order, chances are that the email provided did not match your correct email address. Please contact us at order@wbffbanners.com or on Facebook at facebook.com/wbffofficialbanners.
  3. The email was rejected by your email provider or ISP. Not receiving a confirmation email may mean that your email provider or ISP has blocked our email servers from sending them messages. This means that there is no way for us to send you your banners via email. However, there are many other easy methods for us to send you your banners. Please contact us on Facebook at facebook.com/wbffofficialbanners or Instagram @wbff_officialbanners and we will work on sending your banners to you.

On The WBFF Official Banners Instagram (@wbff_officialbanners), we post each and every banner that was created. We have a queue of banners to be posted in order of purchase date. If you haven’t seen your banner posted yet, that may mean it is still somewhere in the queue to be posted. Please feel free to send us an email or direct message on Instagram if you are wondering where it is in line or just to confirm if it is in there.

The Main WBFF Instagram (@wbff_official) is given all banners that were created. However, they pick and choose which ones to feature. If you’d like to potentially be featured, please send them a direct messages asking to be.

The banners may not have been created yet. If you would like to be notified when your show’s banner is available, please contact us via email at info@wbffbanners.com, or, better yet, sign up to our newsletter below to be notified when new banners are released as well as to receive various deals and discounts on WBFF banner packages!


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